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ISO owners have operated in isolation for far too long.
It's time for a change!


For the first time, ISOs have an opportunity to band together, pool resources, share insider knowledge, and build relationships with one another.


You no longer have to forge a path in the vast payments ecosystem alone. The industry is dynamic and always changing. That is a fact. Until this point, there was no network or support system in place to help ISOs traverse this turbulent landscape. Today, you have a chance to change all of that by connecting with ISOs from all over the country.

"It's time for ISOs to unite, to help themselves, to help each other, and to be heard in the industry."

James Shepherd

James Shepherd

The ISO Alliance - The Industry's first and only mastermind group.

It takes a group to break down the barriers to success. Through connection and collaboration, ISOs will gain a greater understanding of the industry, learn to foresee obstacles, stay ahead of compliance issues, and propel their businesses to greater heights. The ISO Alliance is a mastermind aimed at providing the knowledge, connections, and support that will lift the industry and elevate members.

By banding together, ISOs can create a rising tide scenario in which everyone benefits.

Your network reflects your net worth.

Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.

Winners spend time with and learn from other winners.

Success is contagious.

Get these power players in your corner.

For the first time, ISOs have an opportunity to band together, pool resources, share insider knowledge, and build relationships with one another.

ISO Alliance is committed to bringing together the biggest power players in the industry to foster a supportive network for ISOs of all sizes and stages of development. By facilitating easy access to a wealth of knowledge, insights, and services, we aim to level the playing field, allowing every ISO to benefit from expert guidance and resources. The end goal is a collaborative environment where shared wisdom fuels sustainable growth and innovation for all involved.

James Shepherd

James Shepherd - ISO Alliance President

James Shepherd is the founder and CEO of CCSalesPro and ISO Amp. James has helped over 3,000 ISOs find their footing in the industry and has completed consulting engagements for dozens of processing companies and ISOs.

James routinely provides consulting services for some of the largest and most prominent payment processing companies in the country. Today, however, his real passion has shifted towards making merchant sales competitive through ISO collaboration.

Charles Bishota

Charles Bishota - ISO Alliance Legal Counsel

With his legal training foundation on corporate, banking, transactions, and payments law coupled with vast experiences gained through his various roles at First Data Corp and Chase Paymentech, Charles Bishota offers unparalleled legal acumen and industry expertise. His dedication to creating tailored legal advice and documents for ISOs makes him the perfect fit for this role.

As ISO Alliance Legal Counsel, he will provide:

  • Monthly 30-minute video with legal insights on relevant topics for ISO's
  • Craft press releases and compliance documents for the ISO Alliance
  • Share insights as a panelist at the annual conclave

Why does the ISO Alliance matter?


Simply put, there has never been an organized network of resources, services, and support available to ISOs… Ever!

4 Foundations of The ISO Alliance


Speakers talking on a stage

Mastermind Sessions

Gain unmatched access to the titans of Merchant Services Sales.

Through monthly meetings, members of the ISO Alliance can share their experiences, insights, and challenges, while working together to develop strategies for growth and success. Learn from the best and enact their secrets into your operation.


A man writing in a notebook

Resource Center

The most dynamic resource database for ISOs ever created.

You'll find customizable brochures on compliance issues, sales material, management training, and a video library available only to Alliance members.


A woman explaining ideas to colleagues

A resonating voice in the industry

Be heard; make an impact; and influence the industry.

Help enact positive changes in the industry. ISOs operate in a stringent and opaque world where an individual's voice is rarely heard. The ISO Alliance is powerful enough to be heard, offering every member a voice through the collective strength of our numbers.


Conference attendees shaking hands while greeting each other

Annual ISO Alliance Conclave

Nurture connections with successful ISOs from across the country.

Membership in the ISO Alliance includes an invitation to a marque, 2-day retreat. This is an exclusive event to a 5-star resort. Attendees build connections, collaborate in person, and watch presentations from the industry's stand-out leaders.

“What will I get when I enter the ISO Alliance?”

A broader ISO knowledge base
Inclusion in the white-labelled resource center
Unmatched insight into the industry
Exclusive access to a content creation team
Expert advice and guidance
A voice that carries in the industry
Networking opportunities with legends & innovators
An enviable network
Speakers talking on a stage

Monthly Mastermind sessions

The ISO Alliance hosts 10-person mastermind groups where participants share similar objectives and come together monthly to collaborate, share ideas, and debate concepts relevant to ISOs. Perhaps most importantly, participants can troubleshoot with ISOs experiencing similar challenges and learn from the ISOs who have already mastered a solution.

A mastermind is not a seminar. Participation is expected.

Keeping a mastermind group small is crucial, as it allows multiple people to share their concerns and get feedback from many voices in the group. James Shepherd and other industry experts will personally facilitate these monthly sessions to discuss various topics related to the payments industry. These topics include scaling up an ISO, sales management, compliance, and marketing.

Resource Center

A growing vault of knowledge AND a treasure trove of tools for growth with new content added monthly.

Alliance members have exclusive access to the first and only database of ISO-specific resources in the world.

This library will include:

  • Strategy documents
  • Contract guidelines
  • Recruiting ads
  • eBooks
  • Lead magnets
  • Drip emails
  • Operating documents
  • And more...

Video courses are released each month, including:

  • Recruiting Tactics
  • Structuring a sales team
  • Managing 1099 and W2 teams
  • Dealing with Visa Compliance
  • Raising capital
  • Marketing strategy
  • Maximizing Portfolio Value
  • And more...
Speaker giving a presentation looking at the crowd

The most comprehensive database of ISO-specific resources in the industry.

James Shepherd earns tens of thousands of dollars a month in consulting fees from the largest processing companies in the industry. These companies pay him to create strategy documents, various lead magnets, operational documents, and an endless stream of material serving many purposes. James has compiled all of the documents, material, knowledge, and advice doled out through the years, and is releasing exclusive content monthly.

In addition, the ISO Alliance will be working with Charles Bishota and other industry experts to release valuable guidance, video content and resources on topics relevant to members. This library will grow each month and provide a steady stream of insights and materials that you can convert into ISO Growth.

ISO Marketing Agency

Foster growth and improve visibility with ISO marketing agency offerings, granting members a gateway to proven, industry-specific strategies and resources designed for success.*


Get more sales and thrive in a competitive landscape with the ISO marketing agency's expert guidance on successful and proven strategies.

Marketing Materials

We tailor to your needs by customizing and developing white label versions of successful marketing materials, facilitating a unique, yet proven, approach to your brand's marketing strategy.

Digital Assets

Generate unique content with our assistance in creating video assets, including unboxing, training, and explainer videos, all designed meticulously in our creative studio to cater to your brand's specific needs.

*Marketing Agency access is available through Diamond Membership.

Who is this for?

If you're building an ISO

Avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks by learning from people who have already been down the same path.

If you manage a sales team

Understand the mechanics of a team that will build you a booming book of business.

If you want more customers

Reach untapped markets and identify growth opportunities where you never thought possible.

If your profit margins are slipping

Gain insider tips and implement tactics honed by the savviest ISOs in the country.

If your sales are stagnating

Examine your operation in a new light and apply a pedal-to-the-metal approach.

If you need to improve operations

Adopt strategies to cut the fat, stay motivated, stay on track, and stay productive.

If you want to increase referrals

Leverage your roster of clients to create a model of compounding growth.

If you have bigger financial goals

Dare to chase your dreams, to find unwavering confidence, and to raise the bar higher than you ever imagined.

Business leader shaking hands with new colleague

We want the decision-makers.

We want the men and women who carry the industry on their backs.

We want the people motivated to move the needle forward.

If you have what it takes...

We want you!

2024 ISO
Alliance Conclave

Connect. Collaborate.
Skyrocket - 2 days can
transform your ISO.

See first-hand where your ISO can be in 1 quarter, 1 year, 2 years, and beyond!

This 2-day intensive focuses on payments industry topics, ISO growth strategy, and in-person collaboration.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with others in the industry, attend presentations, and develop an aggressive plan for growth and scaling in the upcoming year. This event is not for vendors or sponsors. The Conclave is laser-focused on helping ISO owners grow their businesses while advancing personally and professionally.

Overlooking resort's pool View of round table in resort dining room View of resort golf course Chairs around a fire pit at night View of resort's formal sitting room with a fireplace

Nemacolin Resort in Farmington, PA

The Conclave is designed to push beyond your comfort zone - that's where barrier-breaking outcomes originate. Therefore, attendees need a luxurious sanctuary to unwind, refuel, and reset.

What's included:

Admission to the annual Conclave is included with membership in the ISO Alliance.

ISO Alliance Conclave invitees will receive complimentary:

Accommodations at the 5-star Nemacolin Resort.

Food, beverages, and entertainment for the duration of the event.

Monthly Investment



Standard Access

  • 1-person membership
  • Monthly Mastermind meetings
  • Limited Access to the database
  • Sample marketing assets
  • Video courses
  • Invite to the ISO Alliance Conclave
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Legal insights


Premium Access

  • Additional members (maximum three per ISO) - $895/mo
  • Monthly Mastermind meetings
  • Unlimited Access to the database
  • Customizable marketing assets
  • Video courses
  • Invite to the ISO Alliance Conclave
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Legal insights


Premium Access + Creative

  • 2-person membership included
  • Full access to ISO Creative agency
  • Monthly Mastermind meetings
  • Unlimited Access to the database
  • Customizable marketing assets
  • Video courses
  • Invite to the ISO Alliance Conclave
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Legal insights

Don't let your goals be a pipedream...

Take positive actions - Build relationships - Break down the barriers to success.

Connect with the Alliance that will launch your ISO to the next level beyond.